Wellness First New York is a center that focuses on treating our clients as a whole. At Wellness First New York, we focus on treating our client’s whole mind and body by integrating conventional and holistic methods together to give our clients the best possible care. In order to do this, we have several different physicians in our office to help facilitate in caring for the wellness of each individual client. The physicians in the office include, Dr. Yvonne Roque (psychiatrist) and Dr. Hye-Yong Kang (pediatrician), along with our nutritionist Susan Repetto. To live a healthy lifestyle, we believe it is essential for our clients to know how to take care of their mind and bodies on a daily basis. In order to help our clients live a well- rounded lifestyle, we have additional services to better serve their needs. Wellness First New York offers yoga/meditation classes to teach clients how to take care of themselves with the help of techniques that will distress the mind and body. We also have a certified nutritionist available to teach clients how to live a healthier life by having a well balanced diet.